Avoid Becoming a Creature of Habit

One of my best friends is a social worker, and we’ve talked a lot about the "in between" of life. We experience such highs in life; marriage, children, new jobs, first houses. Along with those happy times comes our fair share of gut wrenching lows. Neither of which we can control. But in between those times is where the majority of life happens. This is where we recharge. Where we learn to find joy in the little things. This is also where we develop our habits and fall into a routine, both of which we have total control over.

The in between is where we set the standard for our lives. It’s where we develop strong nutritional habits; we prep meals, we intuitively eat, and treat ourselves because we deserve it. It’s where we push ourselves physically; waking up before the sun to celebrate how strong and capable our bodies are. The in between is where we develop a battery of self care, not just face masks and baths. But deadlifting, and yoga, six mile runs and journaling. Or maybe your form of self care is locking yourself in the bathroom so your kids can’t find you. Amen sister.

All of these habits have one thing in common, they’re a little inconvenient. They’re the path less traveled, but they make us better humans. Convenience seldom leads to progress. The same principle applies to sustainability.

“Going green” isn’t always convenient, that’s why it’s not on everyone’s radar. It isn't convenient to sort recyclables, compost, skip the coffee drive through, or ditch single use plastics. It's inconvenient to shop locally instead of having products delivered directly to your door in two days. It’s inconvenient to research all of your bath and beauty products (even though you know that mascara is riddled with chemicals and definitely tests on animals). So instead we ignore that little ethical angel on our shoulder and carry on with our lives.

While we often look at some of these habits as inconvenient. We could just as easily change the narrative in our head. How much of an inconvenience is this actually? How difficult is it to sort the recycling? Or to brew coffee at home. Is it really that much of a nuisance to bring a reusable water bottle with me? Could I put .50c a day aside to invest in a composting service? The more we really think about these things, the more realistic they become.

And remember, life is about balance. So do what you can, start where you are. But we must start. Whether it be meditating every morning, drinking more water, or slowly eliminating plastic from your daily life. Don't put things off or wait until the "eternal Monday," you know that little fib we all tell ourselves that we'll start something on Monday? Wednesday at 9:30 pm is just as good a time as any.

So enjoy the in between. Develop strong habits. Invest in all aspects of your health. And invest in our planet.



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