Hi, I'm Mary

The Green House Project has been a vision of mine for years.  A platform that allows me to create, connect, inform, and learn.  It brings me such joy to be able to share this with you. I've been committed to leading a sustainable lifestyle for as long as I can remember which hasn't always been easy, and I want to change that.

My goal is to bring you convenience without sacrificing quality.  I hope the Green House Project will change the way you look at beauty.

my roots

As an only child, my parents are my best friends.  I developed my love for our planet and all who inhabit it from my dad.  He taught me everything from gardening, to fishing plastic out of trash cans, to never killing spiders because it most certainly will rain the next day.

I'm an animal lover & rescuer, sun worshiper, traveler, strength coach, and conscious consumer.  I hope that you'll join me on this mission to leave this planet a little better than we found it.


Bringing you products that you'll love without sacrificing quality. Sustainable meets attainable.  

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